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From simply balancing bank statements to full-service recordkeeping, Bobik Bookkeeping offers a wide array of financial reporting solutions.
We offer the flexibility to develop both programs and management arrangements that are most convenient for our customers.
Depending on your particular needs, Bobik Bookkeeping provides:
Hourly Based Services
QuickBooks Advising
Individualized Training for Single-User Companies
Group Classes for Multi-User Companies
Ongoing Consultation (as Needed)
Budgeting & Forecasting
Long-Term Services (Based on a Monthly Contract)
Analyzing Current Accounting Functions & Assessing Needs
Developing Computerized Accounting Systems (for Companies without Electronic Bookkeeping Records)
Accounts Receivable/Payable
Daily Cash Management
Bank Reconciliation
General Ledger Reconciliations
Creating Financial Statements (Monthly, Quarterly & Annual)
Generating Budgeting, Forecasting or Custom Reports
Performing Project Analysis
Conducting Personal, One-on-One Monthly Financial Reviews
Collaborating with CPAs or Tax Firms to Complete Corporate Taxes
Additionally, Bobik Bookkeeping can conduct:
Off-Site Management
Saves the Overhead Expenses of Buying a Computer, Software & Printer
Budgeting & Forecasting
Saves Office Space (Since You Will Not Need to Make Room for an Accounting Staff)
Helps to Avoid Liabilities Presented with Additional People on Your Property & in Your Office
Provides a Means of Recording All Files Electronically (Originals Will Be Returned to You)
On-Site Management
Ensures a Staff Will Be In-House
Inputs All Information Directly onto Your Computer & Into the Appropriate Software
Maintains All Records at Your Location
No matter which approach is best for you, Bobik Bookkeeping executes all services with the greatest accuracy, efficiency and professionalism. Your information will be kept confidential, and your association with our organization will not be made public without your permission.